Missions & Evangelism

“How can you follow Jesus and not catch fish?” was something our founder, the late Bishop John Lewis, would often challenge our congregation with. What he was essentially saying is that if Jesus was a “fisher of men” then so should those be who confess they are followers of Jesus Christ and called by His name.

Under the leadership of our pastor, Elder DeLoach, fulfilling the call of missions and evangelism are the forefront of all we do. Our church continues to obey the Great Commission as stated in the bible where Jesus tells His followers in Matt 28:16-20 to “go make disciples of every nation…”

outreachSince our church was founded, we have provided meals to those who are hungry through our feeding programs, ministered to the needs of our veterans, faithfully encouraged and evangelized those who are in prison, partnered with the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program to provide toys at Christmas to the children of those incarcerated, and more. We also invite the community (individuals and families) to partake in free dinner where they are served and treated with love and during the summer months we have outreach services where we evangelize as we give free “water ice” and pretzels (it’s a Philly thing J). Recently, we’ve added “Trunk or Treat” as a creative way to share Jesus with children and single parents in our community.

Bible Union also supports the foreign mission efforts of our parent organization, the United Holy Church of America, in many ways. We have given monetary resources to assist in the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, and natural disasters to help victims located on our mission stations in Haiti, St. Lucia, Liberia, etc. We’ve also collected school supplies, clothing, and more for families living in those areas.